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Loyalists of NB

The Loyalists of New Brunswick is a detailed history of the United Empire Loyalists' departure from New England at the time of the American Revolution and their settling into regions of Nova Scotia that later became known as New Brunswick. Dr. Wright, an award-winning and nationally renowned historian/genealogist, masterfully acquaints the reader with the very difficult circumstances the United Empire Loyalists faced, from the journey to their new home to their frustrations and hardships while settling it. LNB also includes an extensive genealogical index of the New Brunswick Loyalists on record, making this book a must-have reference for genealogists and history-lovers alike.

The Loyalists of New Brunswick is best described in Dr. Wright's own words as found in the first chapter of the book:

"HE WAS KNOWN FOR HIS LOYALTY TO HIS KING IN 1775. The words are graven on the large stone which covers the resting place in the churchyard at Gagetown, New Brunswick, of Thomas Gilbert, formerly of Taunton, Massachusetts. They might have been carved many hundreds of times in burying grounds up and down the St. John River, and in other parts of New Brunswick as well. They tell the story of years of gathering suspicion and division, of years of active persecution, of exile from home, of imprisonment, of loss of property, of proscription and attainder."

"Who were these people whose loyalty to their king brought such dire consequences? When and why and how did they come to New Brunswick? What did they find upon arrival? What happened to them in their new home? ... This [book is an] attempt to analyze the origins of the Loyalists who came to New Brunswick and to set forth the circumstances of their coming ... as followers of a losing cause and a not impossible loyalty."

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